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Brake Repair in Federal Way, WA

It’s no secret how important our vehicle’s brake system is to our safety on the road. Good working brakes allow you to slow or stop when you need to while driving. This is why it is vital to not only stay on top of your vehicle’s brake maintenance but to have your brakes inspected at the first sign of an issue. If you begin experiencing any issue with your brakes, bring your vehicle into the professional choice for brake repair in Federal Way, WA here at Southend Auto Care.

Your brake system consists of many different working parts, including the brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, shoes, and more. Here at our Federal Way brake repair shop, our ASE certified technicians are experienced with all makes and models of vehicles and can get to the bottom of any brake system problem quickly. Once we determine how to restore your brakes back to their best, we provide you with a full estimate of our work recommendations for your approval.

If your vehicle needs a brake repair, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Loss in brake performance
  • Squealing or grinding noises while braking
  • Pulling to one side or nose-diving when braking
  • ABS warning light is on
  • Vibrating or wobbling when braking
  • Brake pedal feels spongy or goes to the floor

If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, we encourage you to bring your car into our shop at your earliest convenience. The sooner we catch and repair a brake issue, the better. Our Federal Way brake repair shop will use the best parts and equipment to ensure that your brake issue is identified and repaired properly and in a timely manner. Your safety is important to us, and we never want you to find yourself without working brakes while on the road.

Since 1987, Southend Auto Care has remained a trusted choice in the community for complete auto care. Our AAA approved facility offers the best customer service in the area paired with various amenities such as financing, free loaner vehicles, and a complimentary local shuttle service. Plus, we warranty most of our repairs for up to 2 years or 24,000 miles!

If you need brake repair in Federal Way, WA bring your vehicle into the professionals here at Southend Auto Care today!

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