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    These guys have been great. The owner sends you texts to check in now and then, which is helpful for me to stop and think about things I might need to take care of, since I have a tendency to forget about vehicle maintenance until something bad happens.

    Chris, good to hear from you. We appreciate you much! Sincerely, Mark Hanson, Owner Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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    Sam has amazing customer service! He went above and beyond to make sure our car was fixed and communicated great! The free loaner car 🚗 Was a total bonus! Great prices and affordable! Recommend highly!

    It was great to meet you! And thank you very much for the kind review. Take care, and thank you for your trust. Sincerely, Mark Hanson, Owner Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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    They do good work. They treat me professional. They go beyond just fixing the car. They cleaned my windshield when I asked them to. I have taken my car there a couple of times and have always been very pleased.

    Thanks much! We sure appreciate it! Sincerely, Mark Hanson, owner Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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    I've used this company for almost 30 years. I've charged them with keeping my used cars running and trouble free. One car I sold with almost 300,000 miles on it and thanks to Southend it was still running fine. I trust them because they stand behind their work and only repair what is necessary.

    Norm, it has been a pleasure both servicing your car and getting to know you and "doing life together"..Thank you so much for your trust in us, Sincerly, Mark Hanson, owner - South End Auto Care
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    I have had a leaking head gasket, timing belt, power steering belt replaced and have been very satisfied with their work. Even greater, they stand by their warrenty. A belt loosened up after a year of use. They asked me to bring my car in and fixed the issue immediately without a charge. Southend Auto Care is fantastic and has been my goto auto repair shop for over a year and I recommend them to anyone looking for good quality auto repair at a fair price.

    I'm happy we could keep you & your Subaru going. Good to see you again. Take care. Sincerely, Mark Hanson, owner, Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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    Service Description: PEACE OF MIND MAINTENANCE INSPECTION CUSTOMER STATES: VEHICLE GOT HOT WHILE DRIVING DOWN PAC HWY. / STEAM FROM UNDER HOOD / PULLED INTO SHOP / RAD. CAP AND RADIATOR WHERE COOL TO THE TOUCH. FANS WHERE WORKING. VEHICLE STARTED AND DIED WHEN CUSTOMER TRIED TO RESTART IN OUR LOT. **** *PRESSURE TEST COOLING SYSTEM / ADVISE OF LEAKS: **** *INSPECT FOR HYDROCARBONS IN COOLING SYSTEM/ DOCUMENT FINDINGS: VACUUM Sam is the BEST!!! seriously he went over and above for us.. They even allowed us to us the spear vehicle to get back to our son whom was scheduled to arrive home. He said he would call on Friday when it was done and HE DID!! and fixed out problem. although 2 days later the car started leaking from the tube But I called and about 30 mins the owner asked for us to bring the vehicle back for another check. I advised him I had to be in issaquah by 9am he agreed again to give us the spear car.. I cannot tell you enough that they really treat you HONEST here.. Bring your car in..whatchu waiting for!!! Thanks guys!!

    Thank you!! for letting us make all this as easy as it can be. We appreciate you. Sincerely, Mark Hanson, owner Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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    It's a late review. I had to get clutch replaced in my '98 Jeep Wrangler last year, few hours before I was gonna drive it to Texas, and Southend Auto Care got it done within the limited timeframe I got. I am very satisfied with the service I received. Mark is a nice guy, he would personally call and follow up on the work that was done, time after time. Even when I ran into problem with shifting the gear in few months, and that was after I had already moved to Texas, I just called him and he put on hard work in finding a place to take it to, to get it looked at. It happened to be a small issue with bearings, I think, and that was covered by the warranty on the clutch work - the problem got fixed without any hassle, and everything was covered. Satisfied with the service. Great work, great customer service.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm very happy we were able to find you a competent repair shop in Texas (I interviewed a few!, and get everything taken care of down there. Take care and thank you again. Sincerely, Mark Hanson, owner Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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    I drive past this shop quite regularly on Pac Highway, so when my vehicle wasn’t passing emissions, I knew that this shop was conveniently located AND was an emission certified. So I called them up and got in pretty quickly to get a better idea of why my car was coding and what to do next. When I checked in Mark explained the waiver and what I could expect with the diagnosis process. He answered all my questions and I was in and out in less than an hour! Score! I would easily come back to this shop for future mechanic needs no questions asked. I liked how professional I was treated and the quality of the work I received.

    Thanks Ashley! I'm glad we could get you taken care of efficiently and keep you going. It was good to meet you. Sincerely, Mark Hanson, owner Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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    Awesome service and very knowledgeable people

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    My check engine light had come on in my Lacrosse. The code came back as P0013 (camshaft sensor). I found this place using Repairpal and had scheduled an appointment to have my camshaft replaced. Now being a female, I'm already skeptical about taking my car to the mechanic myself. Unfortunately I had no choice this time. By the time I made it to my appointment my check engine light had gone off. I was told that they were going to charge me $120 to diagnose my car (I already had my car diagnosed which is how I knew I had a bad camshaft sensor). Well from what I know is that you can't get a diagnosis code if your check engine light isn't on (so come again). Then it was explained to me about another system that "could possibly" find stored codes but if it didn't there wouldn't be anything they could do. Eventually he took some tool hooked it up to my car in which my light came back on. This machine gave off some other code which prompted him to tell me that my vehicle had to be inspected. ***Now keep in mind I originally made the appointment to have my camshaft sensor replaced**** I end up leaving my car. I get the call later to tell me that my camshaft sensors needed to be replaced. SMH.... Like I already knew this, this is why I made my appointment. I'm now thinking to myself "You charged me $120 to tell me what I already knew" I also needed an oil change. It was going to cost me $530. I agreed to the work because I needed my car fixed and didn't feel safe waiting until Monday. Ultimately it ended up being $498. Bottom line is as a woman I was charged $120 EXTRA for what I already knew was wrong with my vehicle and had scheduled the appointment to have that fixed. I could see being charged if it was found that there was something other than my camshaft but it wasn't. So I didn't understand why if I made the appointment to have my camshaft sensor replaced am I being charged $120 for another diagnosis to tell me what I already knew. So technically if they would've fixed what I scheduled the appointment for I would've paid $378 but nope. Please shop around. There are plenty of shops that DO NOT charge for the diagnosis or they take that fee off if you decide to have the work done at their shop. I found this out after the fact from another shop. I personally wouldn't recommend this shop and I will not use them again. It's unfortunate because there are 4 other drivers in my home who now will not use this shop either. I will say the shop is clean and the staff is friendly which is why they got the extra star. I'm BIG on honesty and integrity. I don't feel I received a fare deal here. Most of all I feel taken advantage of!!! ***************************Update************************* I received a voicemail from the owner wanting to follow up on the service. To be honest I wasn't going to return his call because I was still upset about the diagnosis fee however I went out to my care last night and my check oil light was on. This made me more upset. I planned on updating this review with my bad news. Instead I returned his call. Let me start by saying I think Mark is a great guy. We talked. I explained how I felt. He listened and explained why I would've been charged. I then spoke to him about my oil light being on. Basically all it needed was to be reset. He offered to do it himself if I couldn't. We were able to come up with a resolution that I am happy with. After speaking with Mark I feel that he is a honest businessman and wants nothing more than to satisfy his customers. I've been using repair shops for the past 15 years and his level of customer service exceeds all. My experience started off rocky but ended smoothly. Southend Auto has gained another customer!

    Thank you so much for returning my call back to me and explaining your valid concerns. It was great meeting you and talking to you, coming up with a great resolution. Also, thank you for the kind words, as well as trusting us with your car, as we work hard to communicate well & make your experience great in all situations. Sincerely, Mark Hanson, owner Southend Auto Care - South End Auto Care
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